M is a privately held North American investment and private equity company focused on corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, public offerings and advisory services in a variety of sectors.

We are an ethical corporate finance firm with strategic presence in North America, Europe, MENA and China.

Our Approach

M’s approach is based on taking the lead strategy on sourcing, underwriting and managing assets while providing the opportunity for partners to co-invest. The company structures all projects with the view to delivering financial returns superior to industry market norms. M has an established diversified portfolio of assets that will deliver high yields and growing cash flows over the long term.


The proposed firm will take advantage of the networks that have been established over the past decades with strategic partners from various parts of the world. The following are the offices that are proposed:

  • Toronto, Canada North American headquarters with focus of office on deal structuring and deal sourcing in areas of information technology and financial services.
  • Zurich, Switzerland European headquarters with focus of office on deal sourcing in areas of real estate and financial services.
  • Dubai, United Arabic Emirates MENA headquarters with an emphasis on fundraising for deals sourced from other offices.

The strength of our firm and experienced global expertise of our team presents new opportunities for powerful new partnerships in the global private equity and investment market. Working together, we can break entirely new ground in the most dynamic markets in the world.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to build exceptional value for our investors, partners and the community as a whole. Our vision is to create a globally recognizable entity and a lead player in top quality international corporate finance deals in the following sectors: financial services, information technology and real estate.

Our Values

Each experienced member of the M team is committed to surpassing the expectations of every partner, client and community member whenever we interact with them. We pride ourselves in building communities as opposed to building/making a home or just a commercial office space. We focus on connectivity and value for everyone.

Our Philosophy

We have an unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility and being ethical, honest and accountable in establishing and developing mutual long term beneficial relationships.

  • Our investment horizon is mid to long term and we approach all business decisions on this basis
  • Our investment approach is based on a hybrid of detailed technical analysis with growth in investments
  • All investments are filtered through corporate risk management models to mitigate potential elements of risk